Applying for a Rank

Apply to join the clan and gain a rank in the clan chat.
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Applying for a Rank

Post by Sam » Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:07 am

Home world: W350
Home bank: W350 Varrock West Bank

Hello. Thank you for taking your time to apply for the Phzyx Clan. We are mainly interested in people that want to PvM or PvP, but are happy to accept everyone!

1) Create a new thread on the Phzyx Clan applications board, with the title being "(Your username) application"; just make sure you have your username in the title.

2) In your thread, copy and paste this application form and fill it out:

1. My RuneScape display name is:
2. My skill total level is:
3. My total exp is:
4. My highest level is:
5. My combat level is:
6. I discovered the clan by:
7. My timezone (country) is:
8. I want to join Phzyx Clan because:
9. Have you read the Phzyx Clan rules and agree to abide by them?

3) That's it! An admin will review your thread and you will receive your first rank in the friends chat. Please be patient! The admins check the forums regularly and will usually grant you a rank within a few hours, when they aren't busy.

We expect all clan members to participate in events as much as possible. All events require certain combat levels. The requirements can be found here:

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